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CyberX is a company born in Portugal with a focus on security audits on WEB applications, mobile apps, IoT devices, servers and code analysis (SAST). Through our certified consultants and management with extensive knowledge in the cybersecurity field, we seek to deliver results with high accuracy, at a fair cost and anywhere on the planet.

We say that we are a company without borders! We believe that technology has broken geographical barriers, allowing our business model to work literally anywhere on the globe with our employees working from anywhere and serving companies from everywhere.

what we seek

Here at CyberX, our duty goes beyond providing security testing. We help our clients achieve the highest level of operational excellence so they can focus on what matters most – their business.

Our mission

CyberX is committed to providing excellent security audits in order to safeguard your information from possible cyber attacks and other threats.

Our vision

To be a global reference in computer security, protecting people and companies, making the cyber world increasingly secure.

Our values

Confidentiality. Responsibility. Integrity. Efficiency. Innovation.

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