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Participate in the best cybersecurity workshops with CyberX and learn how to protect your company against cyber threats!

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The purpose of CyberX's bespoke cybersecurity workshops is to provide companies with customized training that meets their specific cybersecurity needs.

We help businesses and individuals develop a deeper understanding of cyber risks and threats and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect their systems and data.



  • Provide a comprehensive and up-to-date approach to protecting company data from internal and external threats;

  • Teach best practices in terms of security policies and compliance with privacy and data protection regulations;

  • Improve the company's cybersecurity culture by increasing awareness and understanding of cyber risks and threats among employees;

  • Provide an overview of the most common attack methods and how to protect against them;

  • Practical and informative sessions, taught by highly qualified specialists;

  • Cover important topics like network security, vulnerability management, threat detection, phishing, and much more!

Main benefits


Customizable Themes


Updated Content


Suitable for all ages


Learning Dynamics

Syllabus suggestions

  1. Introduction to cybersecurity;

  2. Most common cyber threats;

  3. Strong passwords and password management;

  4. Phishing and other social engineering tactics;

  5. Security on mobile devices;

  6. Security on public Wi-Fi networks;

  7. Good cybersecurity practices at work and at home;

  8. And much more...

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