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Why choose CyberX to protect your business?

Updated: Feb 10

CyberX - The Ethical Hacking Services is a cybersecurity company that offers services and solutions to protect systems and confidential data of companies. With a highly qualified and experienced team, CyberX is considered one of the best cybersecurity companies in Europe and Brazil.

CyberX is distinguished as one of the premier cybersecurity companies, thanks to its comprehensive expertise across multiple cybersecurity domains and industry sectors. Established in 2021, the firm boasts a management and technical team that brings over seven years of profound experience in the security market. This depth of knowledge and experience positions CyberX at the forefront of cybersecurity solutions, offering unparalleled protection and insight.

CyberX offers services such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, workshops, training, red teaming, and many other services that are in the implementation phase for 2024.

CyberX Ethical Hackers hold more than 20 international certifications, such as OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional), HTB CPTS (Hack The Box Certified Penetration Tester Specialist), CompTIA CYSA+, CompTIA Pentest+, among many others. These certifications attest the quality of services offered by the company and our extensive technical knowledge of cyber tactics and methodologies. References of our services are also provided.

Another advantage of CyberX is its personalized approach adapted to the needs of each client. The company works closely with customers to understand their security needs and challenges, and offers customized solutions to meet those needs. This allows CyberX to provide effective, customer-specific services and solutions.

CyberX is a company committed to ethics and transparency. We don't offer a vulnerability assessment as a pentest! Also, the company strictly follows data security laws and regulations, ensuring that services are provided in a responsible and respectful manner with users' rights. We maintain high standards of confidentiality.

Partnering with CyberX is a smart choice for companies looking to effectively and responsibly protect their sensitive data. Contact us today at


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