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Future Cybersecurity Trends

The year 2023 marks a dynamic and evolutionary period in the sphere of cybersecurity. Future trends in cybersecurity highlight the need for continuous adaptation by both individuals and organizations to face emerging threats.

Analyzing future trends in cybersecurity provides crucial insights for businesses to prepare and adapt to an ever-changing threat landscape. This article explores some of the most relevant trends, based on predictions from industry experts.

Main Trends

1. Human-Centered Security Design

Human-centered security highlights the importance of the employee experience in the controls management lifecycle. It is predicted that by 2027, 50% of CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) at large enterprises will adopt human-centered security design practices to minimize cybersecurity-induced friction and maximize control adoption, according to Gartner.

2. Social Media Scams

According to Forbes, adversaries are using social engineering techniques on social media as a first step to gaining initial access to target systems, creating a new battleground for social engineering.

3. Cybersecurity Operating Model Transformation

There is a shift in technology moving from core IT functions to lines of business, merger teams and individual employees, highlighting the need to integrate how work is done and connecting cybersecurity to business value.

4. Modern Privacy Regulation

By 2024, most consumer data will be under modern privacy regulations, yet less than 10% of organizations have been able to use privacy as a competitive advantage. Compliance with privacy standards like GDPR can provide a competitive advantage for organizations in an increasingly competitive market, according to Gartner.

5. Emerging Technologies

According to ISACA, emerging technologies such as quantum computing, 5G networks and edge computing are being adopted at an increasing rate, introducing new cybersecurity challenges. For example, quantum computing can break commonly used encryption algorithms, while the implementation of 5G networks significantly expands the attack surface due to the greater number of connected devices and the greater volume of data transmission.

6. International State-Sponsored Attacks

Companies and non-governmental organizations are increasingly being targeted by state actors seeking cyber espionage or sabotage. The threat of state-sponsored cyberattacks remains a significant concern, especially with more than 70 countries holding gubernatorial elections, an event often targeted by hostile foreign interests.

7. Growing Use of AI and ML

AI and ML are increasingly being used in cybersecurity for threat detection, response, and automation of security tasks. However, challenges such as adversarial ML, biases in AI algorithms, and the potential for AI-driven attacks need to be carefully considered and mitigated.

8. Zero Trust Programs

According to Gartner, it is predicted that by 2026, 10% of large companies will have a comprehensive, mature and measurable Zero Trust program in place, a significant increase from less than 1% today. Implementing Zero Trust can be technical and complex, requiring the integration and configuration of multiple different components.

9. CISO Shortage and Burnout

The industry faces a shortage of qualified CISOs and an increase in burnout among cybersecurity leaders, which could affect organizations' ability to respond effectively to cyber threats​, according to ISACA.

Future trends in cybersecurity highlight the need for a holistic and proactive approach to cybersecurity. As threats evolve, it is crucial for organizations to adapt quickly, implementing new technologies and best practices to protect their digital assets and maintain stakeholder trust.

A well-planned and executed cybersecurity strategy will not only protect organizations against emerging threats, but also position organizations to seize opportunities in the constantly evolving digital environment.

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