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CyberX & Hacker Rangers: Expanding Cyber Awareness in Europe

CyberX - The Ethical Hacking Services, known for its expertise in ethical hacking services, has now become the first European partner of Hacker Rangers Brasil, a leading cybersecurity awareness company from Brazil. Hacker Rangers is renowned for its innovative approach to cybersecurity education, utilizing a gamified nanolearning method. This method engages users throughout the year, making learning about cybersecurity interactive and enjoyable.

Hacker Rangers' platform is available in multiple languages, including Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French, catering to a diverse range of users and countries. This accessibility is significant for companies across different regions. Impressively, Hacker Rangers boasts over +500 positive reviews on the G2 website, reflecting its effectiveness and popularity.

The partnership with Hacker Rangers aligns with CyberX's vision of investing in cyber education and emphasizing the importance of safeguarding people in the digital realm. This collaboration is a testament to CyberX's commitment to enhancing cybersecurity awareness and skills.

For those interested in exploring what Hacker Rangers has to offer, CyberX & Hacker Rangers provide an opportunity for a 15-day trial of the platform. This trial allow companies to experience firsthand the innovative approach to cybersecurity education

To arrange a presentation and trial, interested parties can contact CyberX directly at

This partnership marks a significant step in expanding cybersecurity awareness and education across Europe, leveraging CyberX's expertise and Hacker Rangers' unique educational approach.

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