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CyberX Embarks as Collective Associate at AP2SI

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, collaborations among experts and organizations have become pivotal. Marking a significant step in this direction, CyberX - The Ethical Hacking Services, has recently joined the Associação Portuguesa para a Promoção da Segurança da Informação (AP2SI) as a new collective associate member.

AP2SI's Role in Cybersecurity Landscape

AP2SI has a clear and focused mission: to contribute actively to the development of Information Security in Portugal. This is achieved through raising awareness of the value and necessity of protecting information, and by developing and promoting guidelines aimed at enhancing the knowledge and qualifications of individuals and organizations in the field of cybersecurity. This mission underscores AP2SI's commitment to fostering a secure digital environment through education and collaboration.

CyberX's Contribution and Expectations

As a new collective associate of AP2SI, CyberX brings to the table its specialized expertise in ethical hacking and a shared vision for a more secure digital environment. As associate, this aligns with the needs of the current digital era, where collaboration and knowledge-sharing are essential for creating a secure and transparent digital environment.

CyberX's practical expertise in ethical hacking with AP2SI's research and educational initiatives promises a future where cybersecurity is not just a necessity but a well-informed choice for organizations and individuals alike. 

It is about bringing together different perspectives and expertise to build a more resilient digital world.

As we step into an increasingly digitalized future, CyberX as associate of AP2SI is a beacon of hope for a safer, more secure digital landscape in Portugal and beyond.

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