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At CyberX we believe that having happy employees means having happy customers. We like to recruit the brightest and most enthusiastic minds and give them the opportunity to explore their full potential. If you want to join CyberX, submit your resume today.


If you are creative, with great technical qualifications, get along with people, and would like to apply your knowledge in innovative projects and in different sectors, you have found the right place! CyberX awaits you with all 65536 ports open! All this in a young and fun environment.


We are looking to increase our team of Pentesters for future national and international projects, and that's why we need you and your technical gifts! Your main responsibility is to act in the identification and exploitation of vulnerabilities, in addition to creating reports and suggestions for fixes.

ATTENTION: This opportunity is for REGISTRATION and selection of Pentesters for future projects with "Recibos Verdes", with the possibility of hiring.


  • Experience of at least 1 year running all steps of intrusion testing in WEB applications, APIs, Microservices, Servers and/or mobile devices (Android and iOS). Nothing new, right? :D

  • Run, interpret and validate results of vulnerability scanning tools (DAST and SAST);

  • Programming and logic skills (preferably Python);

  • Good writing ability to prepare technical and management reports with test results;

  • Be active and informed in the cyber community (OWASP Top 10, OWASP Security Testing Guide, OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide, news, events, bug bounties, forums, vulnerabilities, CVEs, etc.). We especially like people literally connected to everything that happens out there! :D

  • Understand and know how to communicate in English;

  • Availability to travel, if the project requests it.

  • Desirable to have some #FicaADica pentester certification

  • Pentesters with a mind focused on learning and knowledge sharing;

  • Don't try to hack us on the resume submission form, we're keeping our eyes open :D

  • If you've read to this last point, you might be interested! \o/ Send your resume today!


  • CyberX is a company without borders, so you can work from anywhere on the planet, 100% remote;

  • Flexible timetable and project duration. Amazing, isn't it? \o/

  • Salary (€€) compatible with your level of experience;

  • A relaxed, open-minded atmosphere and most importantly, no drama;

  • Possibility of traveling and discovering other countries in which the clients are. It's not all about work, right?

  • Day off on your birthday;

  • Participation in security events;

  • Learning and developing your techniques through researching new vulnerabilities and registering new CVEs with our team;

  • In case of effective hiring, every 6 months with the company, we help to pay for 1 security certification or online training in the area. Reimbursement occurs only in case of passing the test.



  • This opportunity is open to all people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation or any other factor. #CyberXEquality #JoinUs

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